Resiliency Brain Health

Forum Health is proud to partner with Resiliency Brain Health!

Resiliency Brain Health was founded by Dr. Scharlene Gaudet on the principle of treating the entire body when helping patients recover from neurological injury. The human body is a complex, interconnected set of systems that can thrive in perfect harmony — or struggle with immense conflict when improperly balanced.

The brain, as the primary center of organization, has the responsibility of maintaining this physiological harmony, so when it suffers an injury, any number of systems in the body can be impacted. Using the results of multidisciplinary diagnostic testing, we develop treatment plans to address each element of imbalance within your body. Our bodies and brains are intelligently capable of healing themselves, though sometimes a nudge in the right direction is necessary to restore these capabilities.

Our intention is to help patients cultivate resiliency of body, brain, mind, and spirit through a treatment methodology emphasizing empowerment and self-responsibility.

 Please reach out directly to Resiliency Brain Health with any questions or to schedule at 469-790-7343.