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vFit Treatment in Coppell, TX

The vFit and vFit PLUS devices take non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation to a new level by putting the restoration device into your hands in the comfort of your own home. vFit is the first medically and scientifically backed in-home option to treat women’s intimate health concerns — created by a female entrepreneur and a team of expert OB/GYNs, vFit is safe, easy to use and effective. The sleek design is wireless and ergonomic and includes fully customizable settings to keep you completely comfortable during every 12-minute treatment. For even more customizability, talk to a provider in your area about the vFit PLUS, a version of the vFit with extra features that can be purchased exclusively through partnering medical professionals. 

With a blend of LED red light energy, soothing heat and sonic vibrations, vFit gently encourages activity in atrophied cells and blood vessels to boost overall tissue health. The process is painless and comfortable — simply choose your favorite private place to relax, pick your settings and let the device work. Initial studies have shown that after just 60 days of use, 95% of women felt improvements in their vaginal health. 


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