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I’ve finally found a place I can trust with all my women’s health needs. Great atmosphere, quick service, personal , comfortable.
Angela R
The Mona Lisa procedure has changed my life. I am a breast cancer survivor. The treatments from breast cancer included a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and reconstruction. During the breast cancer treatments I had to undergo another surgery which included removing my ovaries. My body went through some major hormonal changes. Eventually I was also diagnosed with vaginal atrophy due to the hormonal changes. Since my breast cancer was estrogen positive, I could not receive any type of hormonal treatments to help with the vaginal atrophy. My husband and I missed the physical closeness that came with an intimate relationship. We tried everything for several months from mail-order to over the counter products, my physician prescribed a vaginal pill to help but nothing was successful. I felt so defeated. After some research we found information on the Mona Lisa Touch. We decided that it would be worth a try. After the first treatment there was significant improvement. We were so excited about what the next two treatments would bring! It has been five months since the very first treatment. I feel as if we have improved our life immensely. It is truly amazing what the Mona Lisa Touch has done for us. The staff at LifeStream were so caring with such a delicate issue. I have been blessed to have found LifeStream and the Mona Lisa Touch.
Theresa and Chris Fabrygel
LifeStream offers a warm and professional environment. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. I do all of my hormone therapy through LifeStream and I am feeling great. I have taken a couple of different paths searching for a natural solution to hormone therapy after a very unpleasant experience with the Climara patch. I was very disappointed in the more natural approach until I started going to LifeStream. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend them to anyone searching for hormone therapy that really works.
Rhea C
This experience was amazing. The professional and courteous staff were and are over the top! The atmosphere is warm and inviting not mention they are exceedingly professional and up on technology. Susan Harris is, without a doubt, the epitome of what healthcare does NOT provide anymore. She listens, authentic, knowledgable, and promotes wellness.. Without trying to sell you.. All kinds of unnecessary supplements! Thank you Susan Harris,to you, and your staff for providing me a place for thyroid and hormone therapy!
Melissa H
Transformation….You truly have to make up your mind, believe from your heart and be disciplined and dedicated to making a change. Once you have the commitment then the next step is finding a person/coach who is an expert in that field to take you to the next level in helping you understand why and giving you the tools to do it! Ideal Protein and the team at LifeStream were very instrumental in helping me transform my life this year. I was burdened with extra weight, foggy and not a happy person. They brought me back to life in a few short months. I lost 30 pounds on the program and have been maintaining my weight. It was very easy to follow and I feel better than ever… THANK YOU LifeStream you are simply the best! Oh and by the way my family & friends thank you too…
Tonya B
Such great people- very impressed. Really care about me and making a better version of me!
Linda M
Excellent care and service. I learned so many cool things about myself and my health from a thermography session and a full blood panel. The all natural supplements recommended are great! What is the most amazing though is that everyone is super nice and genuine. Love this place!
Tara C
You cannot ask for a better staff!! Very accommodating and professional!
Troy B
You can look for better but you won’t find it. They really care about every patient. Very prompt to respond to questions on phone or email. Customer service is a strong suit.
Debbie G
As many women experience in their mid 40’s, I began to slowly put on weight no matter how much I exercised and counted calories. I am also hypothyroid and have hereditary high cholesterol. This all came to a head when a physician told me to” just lose 10 pounds and come back in two months to see him”. Seriously? That was the whole reason I went to see him! Shortly after that, I found out about Ideal Protein through a friend who is a dietician. She had just finished the diet and looked and felt great! The doctors and coaches at Lifestream have been wonderful! I began the diet last February and by mid May had lost almost 25 pounds. I feel amazing, lowered my cholesterol levels and no longer suffer from the many exercise ailments I had due to the extra weight. The diet itself is great. Charting what you eat, having a plan and the accountability of a coach were the perfect tools for me! You receive daily emails of encouragement along with answers to many questions you will have along the journey. They also explain the science and psychology behind food and its many triggers. I highly recommend this diet and Lifestream as a way to achieve your potential. I weigh today what I weighed when I got married! I feel great and have never felt better!!
Sharon L
My entire life I have had struggled with body image, maintaining my weight, and how I viewed food. I was terrified to weigh myself, so I never did. I would make up for “bad days” of eating by exercising like a beast or going to the other extreme and eating anything I wanted and as much as I wanted of it. Even when i was at my smallest I still thought I needed to lose weight. It was a never ending battle. I was always able to stay between a size 4 and 8, however, when I had our first child I allowed myself to completely give in to emotional eating and gained 40 more pounds than I should have during normal pregnancy. The stress of our life revealed the struggles I had always had with body image and food. No matter what I tried, nothing worked. I felt hopeless and controlled by food and exercise. In order to change my heart had to change, meaning, the way I viewed food and my body. I was too comfortable in the misery of turning to food in my times of need. I decided to speak with Susan this past summer (2015) about the HCG diet and decided that it was going to take something drastic to help me change. Over the course of 3 months I lost 30lbs and over 10% body fat. I went from a size 14 to a size 6. Thats amazing right?! However, I consider my biggest victory in finishing the diet and being able to maintain the weight I lost was only because of a heart change. I HAD to rely on my source of strength, and for me, that came from Christ. I learned and am still learning that food is not what I need to run to for comfort, but rather Jesus. I am thankful for Life Stream and Susan’s Staff. Michelle was was my ultimate encourager. I would definitely recommend the HCG diet to anyone who is ready for change.
Melissa D
I happened in here by chance today and didn’t want to leave. Such lovely ladies working here. I cannot wait to go back!
Jayne C
My experience with the Ideal Protein weight loss program at LifeStream health center has been the easiest weight loss program I have ever done! I started in June 2015 and every week I come in Traci is so encouraging and always has great ideas and suggestions. I have also gotten so much information from the daily 3-5 minute videos. The food tastes great and I have learned some delicious and easy recipes. My favorite Ideal Protein foods are the lemon wafer crisps and the vanilla protein shake that I add to my coffee every morning. Within 12 weeks I reached my goal and lost over 30 pounds and am looking forward to starting phase 2. If you are wanting to lose a little so your jeans fit better or a lot so that you feel more confident in your own skin, I would highly recommend the Ideal Protein program.
Cheryl G
When I started to notice a lack of energy, I made an appointment to see Susan Harris, FNP. She genuinely cares about her patients and took the time to learn more about me and my health. She listened to what I had to say and asked a lot of questions to get to the root of the issue. My labs came back looking like that of a postmenopausal woman, and I’m only 35! Susan worked her hormone/thyroid magic, and now, I have more energy, I sleep more soundly, and I feel better overall. I was also able to discontinue two medications because of the improvements. It completely changed my life! Then I decided to try out the Metagenics detox LifeStream offers. I was amazed at how many bad habits I kicked with the detox. Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, carbs, all of these are now options for me instead of necessities. With such great results from their services, I decided to schedule a HydraFacial when they were offering a promotion. I have very sensitive skin, and typically, I can’t tolerate any chemicals on my face because I’m prone to irritation and peeling. But that wasn’t the case with HydraFacial! I can get this done and walk out of the office looking great and never peel. I get all the benefits of a chemical peel or microdermabrasion without all the unattractive side effects. Between cryotherapy, the thyroid/hormones, and Metagenics, I shed 40 pounds! I went from weighing 164 to 124 pounds! Weight loss wasn’t even my primary goal when this process began. The real “magic pill” that helped me lose the weight was LifeStream helping me feel better. I realize this all sounds made up. I walked in one day to get a cryotherapy treatment for hip pain, and a year later I’m 40 pounds lighter, have more energy, a healthier diet, and softer, younger looking skin. LifeStream has greatly improved my quality of life, and I’m so thankful I found them.
Amanda O
I feel like a new person after being on the HCG program! As I got older, I noticed the pounds slowly creeping up on the scale, and as my metabolism changed, it became harder to shed those pounds. As my two boys got older, our schedules got busier and our healthy eating habits got off track. I felt miserable in my clothes and wanted to set a good example for my kids. I knew we needed to make a change. I had tried several things in the past to lose weight—food diaries, natural supplements. I had considered joining Weight Watchers or Slim 4 Life but the thought of doing a weight loss program for the rest of my life depressed me. The HCG program was a great fit for me. I won’t sugar-coat it; the first couple weeks were difficult but once my body adjusted, it helped me develop a healthier eating plan and focus on my goals. And when I saw the pounds coming off, it motivated me to stick with it. Plus, my energy level increased which was an added bonus! I am now on maintenance and it is going well. I made it through Christmas eating a few goodies while maintaining my weight. Because I am more aware of how my body processes foods, it’s easier for me to choose healthy foods during the week with occasional “fun” foods on the weekends. I feel great!
Karen D
When the team at Life Stream recommend HCG, I was skeptical… It sounded too good to be true…. BUT at 265lbs and just about every measurable Health concern staring me in the face, I had to make a drastic change. Working in the food industry, I am surrounded by temptation every day, every hour and I had very little self control. Once my mind was in the right place and I was committed to making a change, HCG got me started, and boy did it ever. I followed the program in EVERY detail and lost 25lbs in two weeks and it didn’t slow down. After 7 weeks of following the HCG program I had lost 64lbs in total.. Simply amazing. Since completing HCG and making significant habit changes in my diet and physical activity I have lost almost 70LB and feel great!
Mark P
Great place with a friendly staff that truly cares about helping you recover from injuries and improve your overall health!!!!
Jeremy M
For 2 years, my blood work indicated that I was pre-diabetic. I tried Weight Watchers and included some exercise into my routine. Nothing I did seemed to improve my overall health. It was my endocrinologist that introduced me to Ideal Protein. She stated that she had looked for years for a weight loss program to endorse. She finally found a program that was safe and made dramatic difference to her diabetic patients. June 2015, I decided that it was time to take control of my health. Together with my son, we began the Ideal Protein program. By September, my blood work was perfect! For the first time in years, my blood sugar level was in the normal range. I feel wonderful! The best part of Ideal Protein is that the weight loss came quick. I did not get discouraged! The recommended exercise regimen of walking 20 minutes a day easily fit into my lifestyle. I reached my goal of 40lbs of weight loss in October. My son joined to support me and he lost 50 pounds! Through Ideal Protein, we are now armed with an education of the impact of certain foods (for me carbs) and when and how to enjoy them.
Debbie W

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