Join our January Detox!

Get the tools, coaching and accountability you need to succeed with your weight-loss and health goals!  

With the end of the year nearly here and new-year’s resolutions around the corner, this is the perfect time to plan how you’ll keep your health and well-being on track! 

We are hosting our annual Total Body Detox by GDRx Program starting January 17, 2022. This is a 10-day, group program, led by our team to help you reset and detox for better overall health and we want you to join us!  

GDRx is more than a weight-loss program, it combines a customized meal plan with nutrient-dense shakes and supplements designed to help your body remove toxin build up.  

I have seen remarkable results from my patients that have competed this program, from weight-loss to increased energy and improved immune system. 

You don’t want to miss out on this annual event, join us!  Call us to enroll at (972)304-6400.

Still not sure if GDRx is for you? Join our live in-person Detox Talk on January 11th at 6pm CT to learn more about this exciting group detox event at LifeStream!

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We look forward to having you join this annual detox program that’s had so much success! Please contact us (972)304-6400 for more information.