Chala Frieze

I am so excited to be returning to the wonderful world of aesthetics and to join the team at LifeStream Health Centre and Med Spa! The vision of treating the patient from the inside out here at LifeStream appealed to me and I am thrilled to be on board with this amazing group of women.

I worked in the aesthetic’s field previously and loved the environment. I then branched out into the world of makeup. My career in makeup led me down a 10 year path as a published professional celebrity makeup artist. I worked on several short films and assisted makeup on a feature film (Crossing the Line, Post Production 2015), I also worked as a Pro Artist for TOM FORD.

While the world of makeup was fast paced and fun, I missed the nurturing aspect of having one on one time with my clients and building those relationships. The most rewarding facet of aesthetics is being able to make a difference in my client’s skin, thus their self-esteem.

I am here to make a difference and I can’t wait to meet you!

Chala Frieze

Skin Therapist

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